Fitzpatrick Team Developments

Design, development & branding

The Fitzpatricks have operated as builders and developers in the London area since the 1940s. They are an independent property development company proud to deliver award-winning homes and high quality social housing. Over the years the Fitzpatricks have won awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Civic Trust, the Department of the Environment and the National House Builders Council (NHBC).

Design with a purpose

The Fitzpatricks needed to establish their credibility and expertise to potential clients in the UK and Australia. Understanding this field was challenging, as I had to consider who the Fitzpatricks were marketing to. Investors, Estate Agents, landowners, housing associations, charities and local authorities are the most targeted clients. Meaning the site needed to be showcased with their projects to be the center of everything they do. For me, the best way to do this was through an image lead approach, complemented by clean typography and using a fresh, clean layout. The primary colour used is dark green to show sophistication, growth, financial stability and wealth.

Supported by an updated logo, business cards, letterhead, complimentary slip and an animated email signature, the Fitzpatricks have an updated personalised stationery package to continue to market the success of their business.
Fitzpatrick Team Development buisness Cards and stationary pack
Fitzpatrick Team Development buisness Cards and stationary pack