Plastic Pictures

Plastic pictures is an award-winning TV production company based in London that shapes films, animation and photography for the world's biggest brands. Constantly re-inventing and bringing new ideas that move people, change perceptions and inspire action.

Design with a purpose

As their business entered its next stage in the USA, Plastic Pictures needed to refresh its web presence to match the quality of its brand. Working closely with the Creative Director, Creative Co-Founder and Motion Design Director, Plastic Pictures is brought to life. The website presents their work as the center of everything they do. Using Javascript to pull data from a database, I created a straightforward CMS structure to allow adaptability in showcasing their work. The CMS is designed to make updates quickly, easily and efficiently.

Each webpage was designed to show a polished design that is clean and inline with how ideas shape with Plastic Pictures.
Plastic Pictures brand colourful spinning pixel balls
Plastic Pictures brand colourful spinning pixel balls